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five centuries of Scottish music and other exotica

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the quartet album
with Lisa Milne, Daniel Johnston and Mary Ann Kennedy

smileyThe recording of the year. Everyone should own this disc.sad
The Herald

smileyNestling within this disc, primarily of Scots-accented baroque repertoire - all as exquisitely played as we have come to expect - lurks the recording of the year. David McGuinness's group, augmented by flautist Chris Norman, performs the Buzzcocks' Boredom with soprano Lisa Milne as lead vocalist. Thirty years on from the Spiral Scratch EP, she sings it in her own Aberdonian accent and with the ennui Howard Devoto and Peter Shelley could only aspire to. Everyone should own this disc. Other fine tracks include a reworking of Daniel Johnston's Walking the Cow and Astor Piazzolla's exquisite Coral.sad The Herald