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Sunday 22 October 2000

Well, holiday’s nearly over, but I managed to get a few things done in the meantime.  I mastered enough of Sibelius (the program, not the composer) to make a set of Muffat parts and an edition of Clerk’s violin sonata.  I got our music library reorganised - I got my study reorganised, come to think of it, to make room for the harpsichord, now returned from Marie’s house where it’s lived for a year or so.

And I found time to do a bit of reading: the thing about researching 18th century Scottish culture is that nearly all the books on it are out of print, so there’s a certain sense of achievement just getting hold of them in the first place, never mind digesting the contents.

Meanwhile, the local paper said the following about our concert in Crieff: 
a totally committed and vibrant performance: indeed the playing of the Scottish dances would have put a good Strathspey and Reel Orchestra on its mettle.  Why didn’t the audience get up and dance? 

So now to get some programmes prepared for promoters, in an attempt to fill up our concert diary for next summer …