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Monday 6 November 2000

It's been a while since my last diary entry - Marie and I have been ploughing on, talking to various promoters about next year's plans, and preparing a funding application for another record. This always seems simple in prospect: you have an idea, then you look for someone to back it.  But it inevitably turns out to be more complicated, as you try to figure out just what it is about the project that the So-and-so Foundation will be interested in, and how to sell it to them.

What spare time I've had in the last week or so has been divided between looking after sick children, and learning how to operate the CD writer I've installed on my computer. Two more jobs that seem so simple until you actually start ...

Meanwhile, at the bonfire we had in our back garden the other night, a violinist friend said to me 'you're the only keyboard player I know who doesn't look like one'.  I think it was a compliment.  

As I was typing this, Ben from the SCO rang to offer me a harmonium-playing job accompanying Wolfgang Holzmair in January.  By chance, I'd come across my copy of August Reinhard's Harmonium-Schule when I was clearing out the study the other day, so I'd better get my ankles and knees in training now.  I suppose the only modern instrument that involves moving your knees in and out is the pedal steel guitar - not many people play that either.