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Monday 7 September 2015

Well, today is the 15th anniversary of this blog (Catherine Motuz reminded me, as she did 5 years ago), and it’s been quiet for a bit. This is largely because most of my spare energy for the last month or so has been spent on gradually refining the edits for the next album, and assessing the possibilities for how to release it. The digital bit is easy, but what about the physical copies? Just put together a continuous running order for a CD, or go for something a bit shorter but more lavish-looking on vinyl? A 10” LP in a gatefold sleeve would be great fun (and we could just about afford it), but the lead times for vinyl could delay everything just too much.

There’s been an unexpected outbreak of summer in Glasgow for the last few days (better late than never): this is me on the beach at Seamill on Friday night – thanks to Vivien Williams for the photo!

2015 09 04 seamill